Project „Increasing the competitiveness of KYOJI sp. z o.o. through the implementation of innovative product and process solutions”

The project is implemented as part of the „Small Grants Schemes for female enterprises” and benefits from a grant of PLN 557,250.00 received from the Kingdom of Norway from the Norwegian Financing Mechanism 2014-2021.

The aim of the project „Increasing the competitiveness of KYOJI sp. z o.o. through the implementation of innovative product and process solution” is to improve the quality of life of people belonging to vulnerable groups of society (including people with affective disorders, people affected by mental and chronic diseases, including oncology, people staying in palliative wards and hospices, including the elderly) through the development and implementation of a product innovation that allows to improve communication between people from vulnerable groups and their doctors, therapists, caregivers in the field of providing information about their emotional and pain states, including situations requiring urgent intervention of a psychotherapist or doctor.

The project is implemented in partnership with the Norwegian company Ilder AS. The timeframe of the project covers the period from 07.2021 to 12.2022.

Project Results

As a result of the project, the MIDGARD V2 PRO QI recorder with extended functionalities and features including wireless charging in the Qi standard and a Bluetooth communication gateway was introduced to the KYOJI product & solutions offering.

The wireless charging system and communication gateway have also been introduced to the product & services offering as solution for OEM integration.As a result of the project, an innovative technology for the production of RTV silicone that can be used in medical applications was also developed and implemented. The developed technology is used for the production of standard silicone enclosures.

Norway Grants

Norway Grants and EEA Funds represent Norway's contribution to creating a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.

Through Norway Grants and EEA Funds, Norway contributes to reducing social and economic inequalities and strengthening bilateral relations with beneficiary countries from Central and Southern Europe and the Baltic Sea area.

Norway cooperates closely with the EU within the framework of the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA). Together with other donors, Norway has provided €3.3 billion in successive fund programmes between 1994 and 2014.

Norway Grants are financed exclusively by Norway and are available in countries that joined the EU after 2003. Norway Grants for 2014-2021 amount to EUR 1.25 billion.

The priorities for this period are:

  1. innovation, research, education, competitiveness and decent work;
  2. social inclusion, youth employment and poverty reduction;
  3. environment, energy, climate change and low-carbon economy;
  4. culture, civil society, good governance and fundamental rights;
  5. justice and home affairs.

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